Shirataki Brewery Tsukimi Sake No Goodness Like Water (Limited to the Year of the Rabbit) 500mL

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Shirataki Brewery has prepared moon-viewing wine that matches the bright moon. Its name is also called "月见酒の上善如水", and it is a pure rice daiginjo that is housed in a moon bottle that symbolizes the name of the moon. Gorgeous and elegant aroma and luxurious taste. In the long night of autumn, looking at the bright moon, let's leisurely revel in the harmony.

The moon bottle is an original design bottle that Shirataki Shuzo is proud of. Won the highest platinum award in the design department of the local wine show, and won the quasi-grand prize in the "NADC AWARDS". Produced excellent designs in Asia and publicized them to the world. I am very confident in the design.

The Tsukimi bottle can also be used for various purposes after drinking alcohol. It doesn't matter if you put other wine in it as a wine container. If there is a Tsukimi wine bottle on the banquet table, it will suddenly become lively, and it will also become a conversation starter.

The stainless steel handle is a product of Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, which is famous for metalworking. It's built to be strong, so be sure to use it flexibly.

● Comments from designer Keita Yamaga
This product is part of the seasonal liquor project. During the negotiation with Mr. Kuromoto, elements such as "autumn", "moon", "moon-viewing wine", and "rabbit" were connected one by one from the seasons to the shape of the existing special bottle and the wine inside. It took shape in a blink of an eye. Products with clear concepts and directions are easy to cultivate. While feeling grateful and responsible for being able to cooperate with such products, I hope to cooperate more with Niigata's unique products in the future.

● Comments from Shirataki Brewery Toshi Matsumoto Noki
Junmai Ginjo sake in a delicate bottle. Take a sip, and the aroma of high-quality sake will spread into your mouth. You can feel the light taste in the broad taste, and it is a sake suitable for drinking slowly on long autumn nights.

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